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Mr. Jun Hatsushiba

Like some of us, Jun started his post-secondary study at a local community college in Dallas, Texas. He spent two years there to build up his portfolio to successfully transfer to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to earn BFA in Painting. Soon after that, in 1994, he received his MFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Mixed Media. With a graduation grant he had received, he left for Vietnam to travel. That 3-month trip eventually led to 18 years of residence in Vietnam where he became a co-founder of dpiCENTER in 1997, a graphic design vocational school in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, he has been teaching on the topic of creativity and graphic design. Currently he continues to teach for the students in Vietnam via video conference and lots of text messaging. He loves interacting with students on developing ideas, concepts, and portfolio. Aside from his 20 years of teaching experience, he is also an internationally exhibiting visual artist. His art practice is multi-disciplined where anything from performance to digital media are used to discuss his concepts. His fine art can be found in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Pompidou Centre in Paris, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, and numerous other public and privately owned collections (Exhibition CV). He has lived in 3 distinctively different culture (Japan, Vietnam, & USA) since his birth in Tokyo in 1968. He is also a lover of guitars and guitar music of all genre. Self-taught, passionate, and still learning every day, his "improvisational compositions" can be watched on Youtube and Facebook.

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I look forward to working with each of you on our journey of "seeing" with Photoshop!

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Photoshop is only a tool. We must learn to see to discover what Photoshop is capable of.