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Interview: Danny Le's Koi Project

January 7, 2017


Imaging Challenge (IC): Could you share with us how you had decided to make this piece? What were you thinking about?

Danny: First in foremost, I would like to appraise my accolade as part of Mr. Jun Hatsushiba's first American digital imaging class who have taught me a lot about the impeccable realm of Photoshop. When I was given with the idea of surrealism and dynamic perspective, it was a bit vague for me to understand at firsthand. To begin with, I did not know what exactly surrealism was. It wasn't long until I started investing my time exploring with the meaning of surrealism and eventually found my way to become fond of Cyril Rolando's artworks on the long run. I'd continue experience more of this art style by incorporating few sketches of my first surrealism project, capturing the 3D imagery of a rose and considering multiple surreal artworks as references. Soon enough, I'd pieced them altogether into a big picture of the art, thus providing amalgam between hope and despair.



Now, with the current project, it was a grand moment that I'd started to grasp the concept by picturing koi fishes swimming around a cubed water in a spiral formation of some sort. To me, this artwork hides a secret meaning behind it: it could imply the person is fighting his or her own way out from the inside. Other people may state something different they see from the perspective view. But I digress, this idea was inspired by my first surrealism project. It was simply defined by the aspect of surrealism with an aesthetic mindset for art.

IC: How long did it take you to make this?

Danny: The whole process began with my mind, picturing an abnormal world with light rays, koi fishes circling around the cubed water, and blending the entire environment with contrast between light and dark between the ocean floor and horizon, thus allowing the idea of levitation play in effect. Normally, I have some of concept sketches drawn on hand, but in this special occasion, I'd let my intuition decide what I want for this project. The process of creating this art was doable and nonchalant; it took more than five hours including researching and studying the big picture.

IC: What was the most challenging part of this piece?

Danny: Considering the time frame of this project, I would certainly say consistency and maintain integrity of this artwork seems a bit challenging especially since this is brand new for me. However, I wanted to keep the theme broad and meaningful for this piece.

IC: Can you share with us about your future plans? Career or otherwise?

Danny: I am on a trek to become a video game designer with specialized fields of artist and programmer. For the record, digital imaging has been a milestone to guide me to become a digital artist in which I constantly encourage and challenge myself to explore into the spectrum of art via photography, drawing, 3D modeling, etc. Photoshop never ceased to amaze me in every way about all forms of art. Often times, I look for images that interest me to develop new ideas, concepts, and artworks to input. Thanks to Mr. Jun Hatsushiba, I am grateful to be his student and friend by allowing myself to find every possibility in photo manipulation. Photoshop has become a norm and hobby for me to enjoy as I pursue to learn more every day. I am hoping one day I will perfect my skills and achieve my goal as a digital artist. I encourage those who have passion in art take this as an opportunity for digital imaging. It may be a skill to people but it definitely brings an immense change in the meaning of art.


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