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Interview: Building His Dream with Lens

February 13, 2017


It is our pleasure to publish this conversation with one of the hardest working student from the class. If he is not in the class, he would be working on his photography business he had started. If he is not shooting an assignment, he would be exploring and shooting the city to develop his stock photo collection. We are glad to have your keen participation in the class Si Vo!

Imaging Challenge (IC): Can you share with us your major and tell us what made you decide on this direction?

Si: My major is Visual Communications - Web Design track. I pick this because I have a background in IT and I just don’t really know what I like to do except photography. I just want to give it a shot.


IC: You have a wonderful website for your photography business ( When did you start operating the business? And since your major is in Web Design, how do you think about your future direction? What is your next step?

Si: Thank you. I started my photography business about 2 years ago. I’m still thinking about my future direction. I would like to improve more in making good photographs, master all the soft and hard skills to run my photography business. Besides, I also want to get a degree in the US (Just a safe choice when I have no business in photography).


IC: You also shoot for stock photo agency. Could you elaborate on the challenge and reward from such work?


Si: I got into stock photography 1 year ago. It is fun because I get pay from doing what I love. Right now I have not made much money from this. I try to submit more images when I have time since more images means I might have more income. My target is $7/day. Right now I got around $1/day :)


IC: How much of Photoshop or Lightroom do you incorporate into your workflow? Could you speak about the typical workflow? How do you benefit from such software?

Si: Actually, this is my second semester in Web Design, and I did not use much Photoshop skill on this. Mostly I use Photoshop to crop images and edit to make it look better. I know Photoshop is way much stronger than that but my skill is just at beginner level and I still do not need to use Photoshop too much in web designing so far. About workflow, I just open and use Photoshop whenever I need that. I’m taking the “Intro to Digital Media” class this semester, and I think that we will use Photoshop more to make website template.


IC: Which project or lesson(s) in the Digital Imaging 1 class has provided you with most useful information/skill for your career direction?

Si: All of the project and lessons help. Some of the lessons I forget right away since I don’t use them often. What I remember the most is the selection technique in Photoshop.



IC: Which project was most challenging experience? What have you gained from such challenge?


Si: The final project which is dynamic perspective project is most challenging to me. Since I did not know what to do, what to put on and how to edit them. After finishing that final project, I knew more about dynamic perspective, compositon, and applying editing technique from class. Also, take your mind off from what you want to do is a good way to find out the ideas. Do not stress too much on the project.



IC: As one of the top students in the class, what do you recommend for future students of this class? If you could do it again, what would you do differently? Please give some example for each recommendation.

Si: Practice practice practice, Ask questions. Apply what you learn on your project right after the class. Ask for ideas and comments from the professor and friends to improve your assigments. Do your job right away, do not wait until the last minute, you will spend a lot of time on idea and brainstorming. Take the Design Communication class along with Photoshop is a good idea too. You can apply what you learn from other class to this class and the other way round.



IC: Thank you Si! We look forward to your development with more experiences. Good luck with classes and your love for photography!

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